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Shriekbeasts Interviewing Shriekbeasts

Do you need more horrible shrieking in your life? Well then friend, you’ve come across the right book! Shriekbeasts Interviewing Shriekbeasts is a tell all about one brave man on a quest to avenge his murdered wife by interviewing a monster that kills with it’s horrible shrieking song! This story’s got everything: comedy, intrigue, action and a wizard who is roguishly handsome/incredibly drunk!

Lady Almington Burns Down an Orphanage (And Adopts 30 Children)

In a land of magic and monsters, there lives Lady Almington, the most powerful witch in all of the world! She’s got it all, ancient eldritch powers, a drop dead gorgeous outfit and an evil laugh that fills her foes with dread! But there’s a little problem: she’s terrible at being evil! In her quest to learn what it means to truly become the most feared woman alive, she commits her first real act of villainy: burning down an orphanage and then adopting 30 rambunctious children. Join Lady Almington in this fantasy comedy as she tries to pawn off these kids on someone else and impress an evil overlord at the same time.

Mystic America: Volume One

Imagine what life would be like if hundreds of magical races arrived in America and tried to coexist with modern society. Having a little trouble picturing orcs using cellphones, elves commuting to their day jobs and dragons hosting talk shows? Well, that’s okay, because Mystic America is here to help with a collection of the hilarious adventures of all sorts of fantasy creatures who are just trying to live their lives in the United States of America. Inside this book you’ll find a collection of comedic short stories about: orcs, elves, dragons, fairies, wanton violence, wizards with poor judgement, humans with poor judgement, orcs who play chess, property damage and of course, the deep philosophical examination of the human condition, just kidding, more violence!

Mystic America contains nine humorous short stories including:

Stay Away From Lamps: A lovelorn moron gets three wishes and all of his decisions are poor enough to land him in this book description.

Here Be Dragons: A frustrated, violence prone dragon joins a late night comedy talk show.

Orc Chess: Take the first two words of the story title, now add the word “playing” in between them. That’s what the story is about.

A Fitting Gift: A look at an average day for a member of magical law enforcement known as the Mystic Task Force.

And much more inside!

Captain Anderson

An enemy with no moral compass. 

A galaxy consumed by war and chaos. 

A navy plagued by bureaucracy, incompetence and cowardice. 

These are all the obstacles that a humble man must face in his journey to stop the war in it’s tracks. James Anderson was a man who greatly desired to serve his nation as a mechanic. He worked hard aboard his space station and in the end, his nation rewarded him with something he could never have dreamed of: they promoted him to captain. Barely trained and set loose in the galaxy, Captain Anderson struggles to maintain control of his ship, his crew and his own sanity as he is pitted against the greatest evils he has ever witnessed. Can he end a savage conflict that has almost devoured his nation? Can he rise up past the pettiness and internal dangers lurking within his own ranks? Will he be able to stand against the tide of destruction that has ravaged the hearts, minds and souls of so many failed captains before him?