Our team is composed of fantastic people who are working tirelessly to bring you the very best possible entertainment that they can! Let’s get to meet them, shall we?

Andrew Pourciaux


Andrew Pourciaux is the captain of this vessel, working hard to bring the vision of Cosmic Canvas into reality.

Kayla Tollis

Chief Navigator

Kayla is our Chief Navigator, responsible for overseeing operations, managing administrative functions and keeping the ship on the right course. In addition to her role as Navigator, she also pursues the craft of acting and has contributed greatly to many of our audio projects.

Krista Schrock

Celestial Cartographer

What good is a ship without a cartographer? Krista Schrock is responsible for creating the visual brand for Cosmic Canvas Studio and mapping out the visual direction of the company. Her hard work and dedication will help us navigate the nebula for years to come 

Alexandra Neagle


A woman consumed with the passion for telling stories through art, Alexa brings her unique eye for illustration to the team.

Katy Betz

Director of Illustration

An imaginative soul and a brilliant illustrator, Katy Betz pulls concepts from the ether and creates works of art that can leave us breathless.

Jaymes Brown


The Knotsman is the kind of guy who can tie it all together, and that describes Jaymes perfectly. An artist, musician, writer and jack of all trades, Jaymes Brown is what keeps Cosmic Canvas Studio in tip-top shape. 

Troy Fischesser

Audio Wizard

Perhaps of all the types of magic that exist, Audio Magic is one of the most profound. Troy understands the fundemental principles of sound and music and can control them through sheer force of will. And the use of a laptop.