We at Cosmic Canvas desire to tell all sorts of stories. We believe that the power of story can change the world, uplift hearts, reveal meaning, and open the door to a greater life. Stories are a language and they allow for us to experience great emotions, learn new perspectives, and invite us into looking at our own lives through a different lens. We are a story driven content production studio, meaning that everything we create revolves around stories, and we seek to tell tales through everything that we do. We believe stories transcend mediums, and as such we are a multi-media studio. We seek to capture that intangible essence of humanity through the power of storytelling and want to share our work with the world!


The art of telling a story has certain requirements in order to be properly achieved. One such requirement is that a work must be honest and true. It can be very easy for a work to become diluted due to pressures, desire for profit, or just the urge to phone it in, but in doing so, the work loses its integrity. We at Cosmic Canvas aim to create works that have integrity. We aim to present truth within our work and in order for truth to prevail, we must maintain a tight level of control and ultimately create art that tells its own story from beginning to end. The desire to modify a work in order for it to achieve popularity is a powerful creative pressure, but it is a great seduction that we at Cosmic Canvas promise to fight off at every level. We strive to create stories that are self-contained, meaningful, and honest.


Cosmic Canvas Studio rests its principles and ideas on our faith in Christ and our belief that God has endowed every human being with the capacity to understand and appreciate artistic expression. Our dream is to express our faith through an authentic and respectful manner, telling stories, and creating works of art designed to bring Glory to God and share the love that Christ has for all people. God created us to tell stories and that is what we at Cosmic Canvas strive to do. We prefer to avoid the phrase “Christian entertainment” because our work is not only for those in the faith, but rather our works are for the world to enjoy. We believe in love, grace, and respect above all else. Just as Christ came into this world to show love and compassion for man, so we desire to love and show compassion through our work.


We desire to have a positive impact on those who come across our works. Our dream is to bring entertainment to a higher standard and create stories that provide powerful change in a person’s life, for the better! Of course, positivity doesn’t necessarily mean cheerful or happy all the time. Rather, we mean that we seek to create stories that will ultimate make your life better in some way, even if it involves a story that has elements of horror or existential terror. At the end of the day, we want people to walk away from our entertainment better than they were when they first approached it. Whether making someone laugh, cry, learn, or think, we are here to create a positive impact.