Sail to a New World.

We don’t just tell stories, we create whole worlds for our stories to inhabit. Come find a new world of entertainment to explore! Keep an eye out, as new worlds are constantly being discovered by our diligent crew.

Terrible Adventures

A comedic fantasy world full of peril, magic and people who are the worst at adventuring!  Includes: Audio Dramas and Short Stories.

Mystic America

An alternate timeline where orcs, dragons and hundreds of other mystical creatures are trying their best to live in harmony with modern day Americans. This comedy series. Includes: Short Stories

The Intergalactic Struggle

A science fiction world torn by warn, chaos and an ever shifting morality that threatens two massive nations engaged in a titanic struggle. Includes: Science Fiction Epics


Curious, whimsical and always fantastical, JaymesTown is a world where weird art and comedy collide creating hilarious short stories, picture books that will knock your socks off and beautiful paintings that will take your breath away! Includes: Picture Books, Children’s Stories,